Non-Slip Coatings

Our Professional Grade Non-Slip Coating Helps Ensure the Safety of Passengers and Crew

A marine vessel can be a very hazardous place. Wrap It Marine’s non-slip coatings help prevent your watercraft of vessel’s floor from becoming slippery and dangerous, aiding to ensure the safety of your passengers and crew.

A self-adhesive deck tread, it can be applied to the deck of your watercraft, so that your passengers and crew can walk around with a decreased risk of slipping or falling.

Non-Slip Coatings | Gold Coast | Wrap It Marine

Wrap It Marine Are the Only 3M Gold Select Members in Australia

As a Gold Select member we have access to 3M non-slip coating and project warranties that are not available to companies without Gold Select membership. These warranties are backed by 3M and provide protection not only on the product, but also on our labour.

There are Different Levels of Non-Slip Coatings to Suit Your Needs

Wrap It Marine’s range of non-slip coatings start from light grade, going up to military.

Light grade its perfect for recreational watercrafts as it helps prevent bare feet from slipping on a wet watercraft floor.

Military grade can be used on recreational watercrafts for increased safety, but we also recommend using military grade on commercial watercrafts or vessels as it is resistant to oil, solvent and of course water.

Make the Most of the Advertising Space on Your Watercraft or Vessel

When you have a business, its important to make the most of the advertising space you already have on your watercraft or vessel. Wrap It Marine can assist with installing vinyl coatings beneath your non-slip coating, so that you can still show off your logos, business slogans or business colours without compromising the safety of your crew or passengers.

Non-Slip Coating Isn’t Just for Your Watercraft Floor

The experienced team at Wrap It Marine have the expertise to apply non-slip coatings anywhere you require. From small to large scale watercraft and vessels, we have the resources and the know how to complete the job efficiently, giving our customers the ultimate peace of mind. If you think you may require non-slip coatings applied to other areas of your watercraft or vessel speak to our knowledgeable team about your options.

Contact Wrap It Marine on the Gold Coast to Learn More About Non-Slip Coatings

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of having non-slip coatings applied to your vessels floor, roof or other areas, contact the friendly team at Wrap It Marine. We’ll happily chat to you about your options, or the best way to incorporate your advertising with our non-slip coating.