Commercial Ferries, Catamarans & Government Vessels

With commercial vessels, every day out of the water is a significant cost. Boat wrapping is the fast and durable alternative that can be applied with minimal downtime.

Coating, boat branding and signage can be completed as one step rather than the multi-step process of traditional paints. This means even less time on the dock!

Vinyl finishes can be applied during construction or at the time when general maintenance is being carried out. This means less time spent on the hard stand which saves you time and money.

For new builds, the application is completed during vessel construction. Unlike paint, there is no “shut down” during the application, which leaves the trade and crew able to continue their work.

Refits save weeks on traditional methods. In many cases, you can easily rebrand your whole fleet completely on water.

From a single vessel to a whole fleet, we can take care of your vessels for you at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

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Exterior Wraps & Branding

Exterior boat wraps for commercial vessels include full coverage paint replacement exterior wraps, large format company branding or graphics to the vessel, hull wraps and boot stripes

Thorough vinyl specific surface preparation prior to application ensures maximum lifespan is attained. For commercial vessels, our surface preparation includes detailed surface treatment and fairing to ensure a smooth result.


Interior Vinyl Coatings

Vessel interiors can be quickly transformed with marine grade, vinyl finishes. Change the colour of your interior to reflect new design trends or branding requirements. Refurbish tired areas or high traffic areas to keep them looking fresh and modern.

Vinyl wrapping requires no removal of furniture or items, which means a fast refurbishment at a fraction of the cost of a full refit. It resists mould, scratches and impacts, water and is easy to clean.

Our specialised 3M Di-Noc Interior Coatings* can be applied to furniture, dashboards and instrument panels, walls, kitchens, bathrooms, doors and even showers, with a myriad of colours and patterns to select from.


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Anti-Graffiti Coatings

Commercial passenger bearing vessels can be subject to graffiti attacks on their windows, bathroom mirrors, elevators and display glass areas. Our innovative film protects your glass from all forms of graffiti including scratching, acid etching and gouging. The inbuilt UV protection helps reduce fading of display merchandise and interior fit outs.


Safety Signage & Directional Signage

We design and install highly durable vessel warning, directional and safety signage. By having your signage designed and installed at the same time you are wrapping or branding your vessel, you save time and procurement costs as it is all handled by the one company.

Non-Slip Coatings

Walking around vessels either at sea or when moored can be hazardous for passengers and crew. Our 3M Safety-Walk* products have been tested and used by major military forces in the toughest seagoing conditions.

We custom install non-slip coatings for walkways, stairs, ramps, ship decks and bollard areas, yacht cockpits, and docks.

The extra-large mineral particles in our coatings provide additional slip and fall protection, even when wet. Designed to withstand heavy traffic and yet easy to clean, means that safer walkways are now achievable for all vessels.

When worn, our non-slip coatings are designed to be simply removed and replaced without damaging the substrate. This means faster replacements and more time on the water.

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* 3M, 3M Safety-Walk and 3M Di-Noc Interior Coatings are trademarks of 3M company.