Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?

It all depends on the type and size of the vessel to be wrapped, however, as a guide, a vinyl boat wrap is approximately 1/3 of the cost of painting.

Why are wrap quotes so different? Is there a difference in wrap quality?

Marine vinyl coatings are not all the same even though they may look identical to the casual observer.

This is made even more challenging as some cowboys in the industry are passing off lower quality vinyl as premium (and charging premium rates). The difference is often only noticeable after a few years or when you come to remove the coating.

So, what is the difference?

Many cheaper wraps are polymeric, hi-tac film which means they have been designed only for flat application and not designed for the curves of marine craft. This means that they only offer up to a 5-year lifespan and are not easily removable. They may also start to bubble or lift at the edges over time.

Our films are what is known as cast films. These are designed for the complex curves found on marine craft and are designed to be easily removed. They also have a longer lifespan than cheaper films and a much higher gloss level which look superb for longer.


Cheaper Wrap Premium Wrap – 3M Wrap Film Series 1080*
Thickness 80 microns 110 microns
Expected Outdoor Lifespan 5-7 years 10 years
Film Type Polymeric Calendered Vinyl (Designed for flat surfaces) Full Conformable Cast Film (Designed for curved surfaces)
Roll Width 1220 mm 1524 mm (less visible seams)
Gloss Layers Single Layer Double Layers (Similar gloss level to 2-Pack Paint)
Scratch Resistant Layer No Yes
Removability No. Leaves glue behind when removed Yes. Less than 10% residue clean up when removed within 7 years.
Coverage over discoloured surfaces No. Clear glue does not cover discoloured surfaces. Yes. Grey block out glue covers discoloured surfaces.

We guarantee only to use Premium 3M* branded products and are happy to show you the products that we have applied to your vessel to give you peace of mind that you are receiving what you have paid for.

* 3M, 3M Wrap Film Series 1080* and 3M Wrap Overlaminate Series 8900*are trademarks of 3M company.


Are boat wraps suitable for underwater use?

Hull wraps are designed to be applied from the waterline or top of the antifouling upwards. They cannot be applied below the water line.

How long does it take to install?

It all depends on the meterage and complexity of the job, but typically the application is completed in a fraction of the time required to paint. (e.g. A 40’ hull installation can be completed in as little as one day.)

What sort of surface preparation is required for the vinyl coating?

Very minimal preparation is required for the vinyl coating to adhere to the surface. Depending on the desired finish the preparation can be as minimal as a quick sand to smooth the surface and remove any loose or unsightly particles. Generally, no priming is required as our premium wrap can be applied directly to bare surfaces.

Does my boat need to be out of the water to be wrapped or repaired?

Your boat will need to be lifted out for a full hull wrap, but most internal wraps and repairs can be completed while your boat is in the water.

Does my vessel need to be in a shed during application?

Having your vessel in a shed is ideal, but sheds are not always available. It is possible to have your vessel’s hull wrapped in an open hardstand area. Special precautions are taken to ensure a quality finish is achieved.


Will joins be visible in my wrap?

If you look closely, you will be able to see joins or seams in your wrap. However, once on the water, it is hard to see the joins unless you are actively looking for them. That said, our premium wrap is wider than many cheaper wraps, which means less visible joins and seams. Our expert installers also use techniques that “hide” the seams in different areas on your vessel in most cases making them super difficult to spot.

What happens if the vinyl gets damaged?

Vinyl is very easily repaired. We supply vinyl repairs and can train you how to do your own repair installation. In most cases, repairs can be done while the vessel is in the water. For larger repairs, or if you are not confident in doing the repair, we provide an on-site repair service.

Cleaning & Maintenance

How do I clean the vinyl coating?

For all of our installations, a care kit is available. Simply wash the vinyl with a Ph neutral detergent and water mix and a microfibre cloth. Special soft washing brooms can also be used as stiff or hard brushes can damage the surface.

Will I need to polish the vinyl?

Never. There are some extra cleaners and sealers that are available that will keep your vinyl looking better for longer, but the need for polish is simply not required.

What about fuel or chemical spills?

If your vinyl comes in contact with fuel or harsh chemicals, immediately wipe off the spill and then clean with your regular detergent.

Can I pressure wash the surface?

We recommend hand washing as the preferred cleaning method. If you need to pressure wash, do so on a very low pressure setting with cold or warm water only. Keep at least 30cm away from the vinyl at all times.

What about antifouling coatings?

We recommend applying antifouling coatings to just over the edge of your hull wrap to reduce the potential for any bare surfaces.


How long does marine vinyl last?

Our vinyl coating will typically last at least up to 10 years in the marine environment.

Is there a warranty?

Because of our expertise and 3M accreditation, all work is fully guaranteed in writing by both 3M and Wrapit Marine for both durability and installation.