Wrap It Marine Make You Stand Out from the Crowd

With Wrap It Marine’s exterior vinyl coating and boat branding your watercraft or vessel will stand out from the crowd! Our expert team of designers can help you turn your watercraft or vessel into a moving billboard, helping you attracting more customers! Whether your watercraft is for leisure or a part of your business, with over 20 years of experience in the exterior vinyl coating and boat wrap industry, we can help you create a design you’ll love.

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Wrap It Marine Provide Professional End to End Services

At Wrap It Marine, we’re committed to providing our customers with professional and comprehensive exterior vinyl coating and boat branding services. As part of this commitment, we have partnered with 3M and have worked hard to obtain a Gold Select Membership. We are currently the only exterior vinyl coating and boat branding company to have Gold Select Membership in Australia. This is fantastic news for our customers! Why?

As a Gold Select member we have access to exclusive 3M exterior vinyl coating, boat wrap and project warranties that are not available to companies without Select Membership. These warranties provide protection not only on the product, but also on our labour and are backed by 3M themselves.

We Have Both Long Term and Short Term Removable Branding Solutions

Wrap It Marine have both long term and short term removable exterior vinyl coating and boat branding solutions. If your business is seasonal, or you like to regularly update your business themes and advertising designs, our exterior vinyl coating, boat wrap and boat branding services are a perfect solution for you.

We Have the Expertise to Install:

  • Full coverage paint replacement exterior vinyl coating
  • Large format company branding or graphics
  • Hull wraps and boot stripes

There are No Limitations to Our Design Capabilities with Our Exterior Vinyl Coating

Our amazing graphic designers can work with you to create a design you’ll be proud to have on the side of your watercraft, representing your business. There are no limitations to our boat branding and boat wrap design capabilities. Whether you want specific colours, patterns, or you need to incorporate your logo, business theme and name, our design team can come up with an eye-catching exterior vinyl coating.

We Work Around You to Ensure Minimal Down Time

At Wrap It Marine, we understand the significance your watercraft or vessel has to your business, and the less time your watercraft is out of the water, the better! This is why we work with our customers, to ensure your exterior vinyl coating is completed quickly.

With our efficient end to end services, and quality materials, exterior vinyl coating, boat wrap and boat branding can be completed in one step, compared to the multiple steps of applying paint.

If you’re building a new watercraft or vessel, we can work with your construction company and organise to apply your exterior vinyl coating and boat branding during construction.

Contact Wrap It Marine on the Gold Coast for More Information on Our Boat Branding

For more information on our boat branding and exterior vinyl coating services, contact the expert team at Wrap It Marine! We’re happy to walk you through your design options and discuss the best possible application approach for your watercraft.