Recreational Boat Wraps & Ski Boat Wraps

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a good day on the water.

We are boaties, and we know that your boat is an extension of yourself. That’s where custom designed boat wraps for your fishing boat, tinnie or ski boat come in.

Unlike paint, vinyl never needs buffing or polishing, and never clouds, blooms or blushes. This means you only need minimal maintenance with the odd bucket of soap and water, which means more time on the water doing what you love.



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Exterior Wraps

We vinyl wrap your boat hull from the water line to the gunnel with custom graphic designs or colours that reflect you and your personality. You end up with a boat that is one of a kind and that makes a statement every time you hit the water.

Vinyl wrapping also protects your underpinning gel coat or paintwork. This means you can let your hair down with whatever colours or patterns you like on your boat, and then easily return your boat to the original colour when selling.

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Safety Signage

Even the smallest tinnie needs registration, naming and safety signage. We design and install highly durable vessel warning, directional and safety signage for your boat to help you stay safe on the water.


Non-Slip Coatings

Water and boats go together, but they can cause problems when moving around on your boat. We install non-slip coatings for boat decks, stairs, ramps, bollard areas and private jetties to help minimise slips and falls.

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