It’s no secret that all boat owners love their boats. Hence, boat owners always want to keep their boats looking and performing at peak levels. While a lot of boat owners are more concerned with what their beloved boat looks like on the outside, it could be argued that the interior is just as important. If you are looking to provide an artistic touch to the interior of your boat, vinyl internal architectural finishes are definitely an option you should be looking at. Vinyl wrapping resists mould, scratches and other impacts. These wraps are incredibly easy to clean and maintain too. Perhaps the best thing about them is that you can practically use them anywhere on your boat. The team here at Wrap It Marine has compiled just a few places in your boat where you can use vinyl internal architectural finishes. Let’s get right to it!


You can use vinyl wraps in your boat’s kitchen to match it up with the rest of your interior. Vinyl is very easy to clean so all spills and other cooking related accidents can be dealt with easily. Vinyl is fire resistant so it’ll keep your kitchen safe too.


Using vinyl wrapping and non-slip coatings in your boat’s bathroom will not only make it more aesthetically appealing, it will also add an extra layer of safety and prevent slip related accidents.


All of vinyl’s amazing features make them a perfect upholstering material. It is also a great way of incorporating pieces of furniture into your boat’s interior that might have otherwise looked out of place.


Bare walls can look really plain and boring. Using vinyl wraps can bring about a sense of style to the interior of your vessel. You can match or contrast your furniture with your walls according to the latest trends.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless when it comes to vinyl internal architectural finishes. If you wish to revamp your boat’s interior according to the latest trends, vinyl architectural finishes are an excellent choice. Vinyl wraps provide limitless options for personalisation and customisation, so you can make your boat truly unique and an extension of your personality. If you are looking for a trustworthy and experienced boat wrapping company on the Gold Coast, look no further than Wrap It Marine. Our experienced team can help you with boat wrapping, internal architecture finishes, signage and much, much more. Give us a call to get in touch today!